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We carry veins that consistently need nature injections. The indoors leave us distracted and half grasping for a way to return back to it again, lungs craving for air, feet needing to reground again and eyes always searching for an open window, the sun streaming, or the closest route to an inviting door. Step outside and ride the energy of the earth, for there is always going to be, a brilliant sunrise, rising waters, breath-giving breezes, and velvet oceans to experience, as well as new inviting lands to step foot on.


And the journey is glorious.
~ Victoria Erickson ~

Take your retreat off the studio and into the world.  dive into the bluest of seas, and flow with your students on a JOURNEY OF A LIFETIME 


An international yoga summit would be a life-changing opportunity – but you don’t have the time (or expertise) to plan it all. Not to mention, you’d never settle for anything less than perfect details, right? 


That’s why we’d like to invite you and your students to join the next Go with the Flow Sail & Yoga Summit

September 19-26, 2020.




Practices that fight overtourism | Visit untouristed locations | Substantials culturally immersive experiences | Exposure to breathtaking - yet off the beaten path locations | Work with vendors who provide authentic local cultural experiences 

environmental awareness

Minimize our business operations footprint through all aspects of our business. From water consumption, to waste disposal, to travel practices and methods that allow us to explore our home planet with respect. We inspire and facilitate eco traveling.


Design journeys that guide our guests to the real Greece | Carefully curate handpicked locations that offer authentic cultural immersion experiences | Treat our guests in the way we would host our closest friend at home | We take you to places you only imagined they existed.

hospitality excellence

We constantly strive to exceed our guests' expectations in both your experience and our quality of services | We inspire our team and provide in-depth training | We deeply understand and feel our clients' needs |We aim to eliminate our leaders’ organizational and travel stress.

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