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Streching on Endless Sand
White-washed Windmill in Cyclades
Volcanic Caves in Milos
Dive under the Sailboat
Sailboat Chill during Sunset
We engineer retreat experiences inspired by the sea, the sky, and the earth. we will take care of every single detail and show you the best of Greece.



Gather your students and together, travel the Greek Isles to experience life, yoga, and exploration aboard your own branded sailboat. You’ll sail only with your students, but you’ll tour the Aegean Archipelago within a flotilla of like-minded travellers.


Unite in an adventure. Explore and play. Become one with the flow of wind and sea


an epic journey

Sail the charms of the idyllic Cyclades, Greece’s tiny blue-and-white isles. Immerse yourself in the bluest of seas. Give into an authentic cultural experience. Unwind beneath a starry sky. Make new friends. Get lost in mystical bays, with the wind and sea as your compass. Go with the flow.

yoga practice

Gather your group, reserve your branded sailboat, and join our flotilla to travel the Aegean. Teach yoga in some of the world’s most remote corners, accessed only by the sea: ancient ruins and secluded coves, shimmering beaches and quiet hilltops, hushed as the day swan-dive into the sunset.


We take care of every detail, from in-country transportation and meals, to activities and set-up for your yoga instruction. We do the background work, so you can focus on your students and practice, while channeling your time and energy into forging deep bonds with your fellow travelers.

Fractals of the Aegean Blue
Traditional Church on the top of the island
Windmill View of the Greek Sky
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