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As a travel community focused on adventure, wellness, and new experiences, our highest priority is and has always been your health, safety, and wellbeing. 


At Get Lost, our philosophy is rooted in proactive planning. Our protocols have always been strong. We have always been serious about your health. And so, we continue to take proactive action.

As you plan your retreat or journey with Get Lost, know that we’re doing everything we can to do what’s best for our guests. We follow – and, whenever possible, exceed – local and international recommendations and regulations. We are consistent with our cleaning, hygiene, sanitization, and other policies. And, we’re constantly implementing and innovating measures to keep you safe, healthy, and happy. 


We’re taking every extra step we can, so you can travel with peace of mind.


When you travel small – in other words, with fewer guests, staying in low-density accommodations, and choosing only small group activities – you effectively distance yourself from the crowds and naturally reduce your exposure to COVID-19. 

There’s no comparison to large resorts, hotels and cruises: At Get Lost, our retreats host just 30-50 guests on 4-6 boats. That means our guests limit their exposure by sharing their travels with only <10 other guests. It’s the elusive balance between social distancing and standard travel.


In lieu of major tourist sites teeming with people, our retreats favor tiny islands and  remote locales with small populations. These untouristed destinations not only promise wild adventure and a way to support local culture, but also provide natural protection from the exposure you’d encounter in packed places.


According to the experts, recommended activities today are both outdoors and distanced. That's naturally our style: ocean kayaking, mountain hiking, snorkeling and scuba diving, SUP - all the get-out-in-the-sun, revel-in-the-fresh-air fun you crave - Incorporate the adventure of novelty and the thrill of new experience, without forced proximity to strangers.

Even our university classes, yoga sessions, and other retreat sessions are held outdoors, in the fresh air and open spaces.


A core tenet of our job is to be protective of your health and safety. For over five years, we have proactively trained our team to follow strict hygiene protocols. Health and safety have – and will always be – our thing. 

In times of coronavirus, we’ve implemented even stricter hygiene measures to protect our guests’ health.

UPDATED policies

Upon client request, the use of face masks/shield (staff and guests)

Regular hand-washing

Exclusively private transfers (except in-country flights) 

Regular disinfection of all surfaces

Hourly disinfection of sensitive and high-touch areas, including doors, windows, and other handles.

Open windows to promote fresh air circulation, at all times

We work with our partners to guarantee strict hygiene practices. In addition to their thorough disinfection and cleaning practices, we also coordinate a follow-up Get Lost disinfection of all equipment, prior to any retreat activity.

We accept ONLY guests that have been vaccinated or provide us with a negative COVID 19 PCR test. taken 48hrs prior to arrival.

TEAM regulations

Our hosts – the wonderful people who prepare guest meals and keep living spaces clean and tidy, at all times – have always and will continue to prioritize hygiene. Our current policies include:


  1. Use of gloves, which are regularly changed

  2. Wearing specialized headwear while preparing meals

  3. Wearing face masks (practice added, due to COVID)

  4. Washing fruits, vegetables, and other sensitive food meticulously, with plenty of water and white vinegar 

  5. Regular disinfection of food prep areas and equipment


All our staff is going to be vaccinated or get a PCR test 48 hours prior to the retreat.

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