Embrace spontaneity. Island-hop through paradise. Travel wherever the breeze blows.


Life aboard a sailboat is unique. It’s the entire Aegean, unfurling at your feet. It’s waking up with the sunrise and diving into crystal-clear waters before breakfast. It’s spending your days above deck, the warm sun on your face and adventure around every corner. It’s falling asleep to the sound of the waves and the sight of a starry sky, splashed with the glittering Milky Way.  


It’s the freedom that only a sailboat can afford. Not only the freedom to explore hidden spots and concealed coves, but the opportunity to live with the breeze in your hair, the sea spray in your face, and the waves to rock your hammock.


It’s a deep, meaningful connection to the flow of wind and water – to the call of Mother Nature. Sailing is an invitation to rare opportunity. You may even discover it’s the best part of your voyage. No sailing skills required.


The Fleet


Your branded sailboat joins the Summit flotilla to sail the Aegean. We travel the islands as a group, but your boat is for you & your students alone.



Our deluxe 50-foot sailboats are fully equipped to maximize comfort, with A/C, WiFi, closets, charging ports, and more.



Choose from 2 double cabins (ensuite bathrooms), 2 double cabins (shared bathroom), or 1 bunk-bed cabin (shared bathroom).


Our skilled captain and attentive crew are dedicated to crafting organic menus, sailing to secret coves, and perfecting your onboard experience.




1. a group of small ships​

2. a group moving together

Main Living Room
Kitchen and Buffet
Cabin with Private Bathroom
Cabin with Shared Bathroom
Main Table Room
Bank Bed Cabin
Main Table
Kitchen Equipment
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