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FEAT triccia ramos
Chronicles of Sailing & Meditations
Jun 7 - 14, 2025

 Chronicles of Sailing & Meditations

island hop in Greece - connect - meditate 

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Join a transformative Sail and Meditation Retreat, exploring the stunning Greek isles of the Aegean Sea. Picture yourself emerging from meditation, feeling as though you've been transported to another era, deeply connecting with the spirituality of the ancient world. Awaken to a heightened consciousness, embracing an expansive perspective on existence that transcends the illusion of time. Experience profound spiritual renewal and timeless wisdom in the serene beauty of the Aegean.

A mythic, all-inclusive, sailing & meditations JOURNEY in greece



All-inclusive – from local transportations and activities, to practice set up and organic meals.

daily meditations


Take your practice by ancient temples, hills overlooking whitewashed houses or in secluded coves while the sunset sinks into the


home-cooked organic meals


All meals included. served either on board or in hand-picked restaurants. Explore the delicious Greek cuisine, where food is sourced directly from the Greek sun-kissed earth.

deluxe 50ft



Amenities include fully equipped kitchens A/C, WiFi, closets &

USB charging ports



 Hikes, Stand Up Paddleboarding

Excursions, Snorkel Explorations, and Beach Parties.




Our excellent team of captains, hosts, and operations is100% committed to making this an easy, fun, and comfortable experience for you and your guests.


 Scheduled Transfers include:
Athens Airport to Marina

First Day
Marina to Athens Airport

Last Day

Bus transfers in two islands



 You do not need to carry your equipment, towels, and yoga mat. We provide you everything so to travel light and fill your luggage with other goodies.

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Triccia Ramos' personal transformation began at 40 when she suffered a stroke.  Though physically fit and healthy, the experience led her to ask deeper questions and she soon began her journey inward.  In 2019, she quit her job in corporate America and launched her business to help those seeking to change their lives through curated transformational experiences.  Triccia guides you to uncover who you really are in the moment, to include your spirituality into the rediscovery of your true essence. 

  • Is sailing Experience Required?
    No prior sailing experience is required. Our sailboats are all helmed by skilled, seasoned, and well-trained captains. Moreover, our crew members are well-versed in sailing, and they are always available to assist the captains when needed. While having prior sailing experience is not a prerequisite, it can certainly enhance your enjoyment of life on board a sailboat.
  • Can I learn to sail?
    Certainly! We offer sailing lessons upon request during the trip. These courses provide you with the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to embark on the art of sailing. While mastery requires time and dedication, our lessons offer a great starting point for those eager to explore. the world of sailing.
  • Where are the boats moore?
    Throughout the course of our journey, our boats will find anchorage in either a marina or in picturesque, secluded locations offshore. This combination allows you to experience the best of both worlds, enjoying the amenities and conveniences of a marina when desired.
  • How do I get there?
    Airport Information Greece's primary airport is Athens International, Eleftherios Venizelos, (ATH) Arrival in Athens Upon your arrival at ATH airport, our dedicated hosting team will be there to warmly welcome you at the airport. Once the entire group has gathered, a pre-arranged bus will transport all guests from the airport to the marina. For participants who arrive in Athens prior to the retreat, we will provide two dedicated meeting points for joining the group: one in the city center of Athens and the other at the marina. Boats Check In - Check Out Time Check In: Saturday at 17:00 Check Out: Saturday at 09:00 Arrival & Departure Time Arrivals in Greece should be scheduled for Saturday, no later than 13:00 PM (noon). Our bus will depart from the airport at the latest by 15:00. Departures from Greece, should be scheduled for Saturday, no earlier than 10:00 AM. Our bus will depart from the marina to the airport approximately 3 hours before the earliest flight. SAILING DEPARTURE TIME We'll start our sailing adventure no earlier than 6:00 PM. Guests will be assigned to their boats, followed by the safety briefing. After that, we'll set sail for our first destination.
  • What do I need to pack?
    A comprehensive guide will be sent out to you, one month prior to the trip with all important information including packing.
  • How does the weather affect the itinerary?
    Sailing is inherently susceptible to the influence of weather conditions. In cases of severe weather, particularly when wind speeds exceed 25 knots, adjustments to the planned itinerary become necessary. Just as agility is key in our yoga sessions, during our retreats, we remain vigilant by keeping a close eye on weather forecasts and adapt our destinations accordingly. Fortunately, Greece's geographical diversity offers an abundance of breathtaking sailing options, even when faced with strong winds.
  • What about motion sickness?
    While motion sickness can affect a few individuals, particularly in the presence of significant waves, rest assured that our sailing areas typically offer calm waters with minimal swells. For those who may be prone to motion sickness, we provide various remedies to alleviate symptoms. These include offering a comfortable lying position, ginger tablets, and the unique opportunity to take control of the boat under the captain's supervision. This latter option is akin to the sensation when someone feels car sick as a passenger but suddenly finds relief when they take the wheel. Additionally, we've thoughtfully planned our routes to ensure that the majority of distances between islands are relatively short. As a result, you'll find that most of your time will be spent either offshore or moored in marinas.
  • What about the meals?
    Breakfasts are prepared by our amazing hosts on board, offering a new delight each day inspired by Greek cuisine and featuring natural ingredients that nourish the mind and soul. Lunches will be enjoyed on board and include a full meal with beverages. Dinners are scheduled at hand-picked restaurants, except for occasions when we moor offshore from the marinas, in which case lunch will be at restaurants. Before the trip, we send out a questionnaire to participants regarding their nutritional habits. We then adjust the menu to accommodate their preferences, inform our crew about any ingredient limitations due to allergies or other dietary needs, and ensure that this information is communicated to all restaurants.
  • Will I need to bring my yoga mat?
    You need not worry about packing any yoga- related gear. We'll supply all the essentials, including yoga mats and blocks and any other necessary props to enhance your practice. Just bring a smile and your towel, and you're all set to dive into the tranquil world of yoga.
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