At Go with the Flow, we’ll create a made-just-for-you, everything-you’ve-ever-dreamed tailor-made retreat: an unforgettable, life-changing, dream-worthy, business-building retreat to the beautiful Greece Isles or mountains.

If every single, perfect detail were already in place today,
tomorrow would you invite your students to join you on
a retreat-of-a-lifetime in Greece?

let us do all the magic
Take your community to a fully intimate journey.
Lead your soul family to an exclusive private retreat. 

If you mix starlight and the Aegean, ancient temples and silent reverie,

you may discover the answer to your dreams, your goals, and your professional development.


You may just find your heart and career, aboard a sailboat in the Greek Cyclades or somewhere in the wilderness of the Norwegian nature.

So, catch your breath. Find your rhythm. Design your power.

Then, let us take care of every detail.


Because at Go with the Flow, we do private retreats a little different.


Are you a family person? Do you grow a soul family through your mission? Are you passionate about yoga, wellness, fitness, mindfulness, personal growth or anything that motivates you to nurture a special community? Do you want to offer your clients a once in a lifetime - bucket list retreat, perfectly organized from A-Z. This is where you can do that.


We will craft your dream retreat. Picture your self, on flotilla (a group of sailboats traveling together) exploring the most untouched corners of the Greek Seas or getting lost in Ski Sleds and Sami lodges in the Norwegian Tundra. We take your specifics and transform them into unique, bucket-list experiences that stand out.

innovation & excellence

In the saturated market of retreats, we are going one step beyond. The nomadic/ traveling element of our programs allows you to explore places and bond with your community through adventuring and traveling. Take the chance to offer your clients once in a lifetime experiences and allow us to add substantial value to your work and vision through our innovative products and excellence in hospitality.


Practices that fight overtourism | visiting not touristic locations, that offer substantial cultural immersive experiences | exposure to breathtaking - yet off the beaten path locations | collaborating with vendors who provide authentic local cultural experiences 


Minimizing business operation footprint through all aspects of our business. From water consumption, to waste disposal, to travel practices and methods that allow us to explore our home plant with respect.We inspire eco traveling.


Design journeys that guide our guests to the real Greece | Carefully choose handpicked locations that offer authentic cultural immersion experiences | We treat our guests in the way we would host our closest friend at home | We take you to places you only imagined they existed.


We constantly strive to exceed our guests expectations in both the journey experience and quality of service | We  inspire our team and provide in depth training so to deeply understand and feel our clients needs | We aim to take the organizational and opeartion stress from our trip leaders.

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